Bulk Email Marketing

Boost Customer Response with Our Effective Email Solutions

Email is a very powerful marketing tool. In spite of spammers abusing the medium, email can still be used and is still valued by users for timely, rich and enticing information and advertisements. Find the right tools and the right tips for your Email Marketing efforts here.

Email is one of the most crucial marketing tools available today. A business cannot think of a successful online business promotion without using the bulk email services for sending promotional mails, and newsletter to the prospective clients and customers. From giant firms to small enterprises, every business is relying upon the email marketing and newsletter services. Every company has a program through which it tries to earn more customers and retain the existing customers by offering them loyalty points and other goodies and rewards.

Email Newsletter Design & Email Campaign

Email newsletters are a very effective marketing tool and a vital mechanism for driving traffic to your website. Newsletters are about building long-term relationships. They may include calls-to-action, but their prime goal is to strengthen the relationship between the customer or prospect and the sender.

Bulk Email Solution Features

  • 24 hour Customer Support
  • Designing and setting up email campaign
  • 100% branding control of the emails
  • All languages support
  • Extremely reliable deliverability
  • Real-time connectivity to all major database types
  • API/web service support
  • Real-time tracking reports, down to recipient's level
  • Professionally designed user friendly templates
  • Forms to add to website to subscribe and feedback


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